All sidewalks hereafter constructed in the city shall be constructed and laid out as follows:
   A.   Width; Grade:
      1.   Sidewalks abutting upon Main Street shall be five feet four inches (5'4") wide, and on all other streets, the sidewalks shall be four feet six inches (4'6") wide, unless permission is granted by the city council upon recommendation of the city building inspector or city superintendent to alter or vary the width of such sidewalk. (Ord. 13.24; amd. Ord. 2.32)
      2.   All sidewalks shall be laid upon the grade of the streets upon which the same are constructed.
      3.   Sidewalks in alleys shall be two feet (2') wide and shall be laid next to the property line.
   B.   Position; General Requirements: Every sidewalk shall be constructed so as to conform with the position of other sidewalks already constructed. Where there is no sidewalk already constructed, every sidewalk shall be constructed with the outer edge directly adjacent to the inner edge of the curb herein provided for; or the city council, upon application, may make whatever other variance in the size, construction, materials, location and position of sidewalks, curbs, walkways, driveways, fences, retaining walls and other appurtenances and improvements related thereto it determines to be proper.
   C.   Spreading And Finishing Concrete: The concrete shall be spread as soon as mixed in a layer of such depth that, after having been thoroughly compacted, it shall not be, in any place, less than four inches (4") thick, and smoothed off with a straight edge guided by the tops of the forms, and afterwards floated to a perfectly uniform surface and true to sidewalk grade, and shall be divided into blocks which are created by expansion/contraction joints. (Ord. 13.24)