A.   Order Without Forming Special Improvement District: The city council may order sidewalks and curbs constructed in front of any lot or parcel of land without the formation of a special improvement district, and whenever the council shall order any such sidewalk or curb constructed, such order shall be entered upon the minutes of the council and shall name the street or portions thereof along which said sidewalk or curb is to be constructed.
   B.   Notice To Property Owner: After the making of such order, written notice thereof shall be given the owner or agent of the owner of such property by serving said notice by registered mail addressed to said owner or agent.
   C.   Construction By City; Assessment Of Costs: If said owner or agent shall fail or neglect, for a period of thirty (30) days after the date of service of said notice, to cause such sidewalk or curb to be constructed, the city may construct or cause to be constructed such sidewalk or curb and shall assess the costs thereof, including engineering costs, against the property in front of which the same is constructed. (Ord. 13.20)