Prior to approval by the Plan Commission of the final plat of subdivision, the owner shall have prepared an overall drainage plan of the area covered by the subdivision plat on which is indicated the proposed method of disposing of storm water from the lots and blocks in the area. The plan shall indicate the approximate size and location of each home to be constructed on each lot, the foundation or first floor elevation, the elevation of the proposed pavement and sidewalk and the elevation of the finished grade at each corner of each lot. The plan shall also indicate the manner in which the storm water runoff is to discharge from lot line locations and from foundation of buildings to the proposed pavement or storm sewer system or storm drainage easements. No downspouts from buildings shall be connected into the sewer system. Lot and block grading plans shall be prepared substantially in accordance with F.M.A. minimum standards as published on Data Sheet Nos. 72 and 73.
(Prior Code, § 9C-3C-5)