§ 155.36  BLOCKS.
   (A)   In residential subdivisions, the maximum lengths of blocks shall be 1,320 lineal feet. No blocks shall be less than 400 lineal feet in length unless approved by the Plan Commission. Pedestrainways leading to parks, schools or other common destinations may be required by the Plan Commission.
   (B)   In business, commercial and industrial subdivisions, block lengths shall be as approved by the Plan Commission, in accordance with proposed function and location of each subdivision.
   (C)   The shape of blocks shall be dictated by topographic features, the basic street system and traffic pattern, lot depths and areas designated for public and other nonresidential land uses. Blocks shall be wide enough to allow two tiers of lots, except where fronting on major streets or prevented by topographical conditions or size of the property, in which case, a single tier of lots may be approved.
   (D)   Where a subdivision borders upon or is traversed by a railroad right-of-way or arterial street, the Plan Commission may require a street (on one or both sides of the right-of-way or street) approximately parallel to and at a distance removed suitable for the appropriate use of the intervening land, i.e., park purposes, deep residential lots with a visual barrier established in a buffer planting strip along the rear property lines and off-street parking, business or other uses as permitted by the Zoning Ordinance.
(Prior Code, § 9C-3C-3)