§ 155.35  EASEMENTS.
   (A)   There shall be dedicated easements a minimum of ten feet in width, one-half on each lot, for drainage, electric and telephone utility poles, wires and conduits, storm and sanitary sewer, gas, water or other utility pipes or lines along the rear of each lot and along the side lot lines where necessary. The easements shall be so laid out that a proper continuity may be had for the utilities from lot to lot and from block to block. No buildings or structures shall be constructed on or over the easements.
   (B)   Generally, electric and telephone facilities are to be located on the north and east portions of the easement and other facilities on the south and west portions. At deflection points in these easements, if overhead utility lines are contemplated, additional easements may be established for pole-line anchors.
   (C)   A statement in approved form granting the right of ingress and egress for the installation and maintenance of utilities, sewers, water mains or maintenance of watercourses shall be shown on the plat. The property owner shall be responsible for the maintenance of the easements.
(Prior Code, § 9C-3C-2)