§ 155.33  ALLEYS.
   (A)   Alleys may be provided at the rear of all lots or tracts intended for business, commercial or industrial use and where necessary for multiple-family buildings use but shall not be provided in single-family residential blocks. If the subdivider produces evidence that other access streets are available and that an alley is not required for loading, unloading and fire protection, then this provision providing for alleys may be waived upon the recommendation of the Plan Commission to the Village Board.
   (B)   Alleys shall be at least 20 feet wide in all commercial, industrial and business areas unless the areas are otherwise provided with off-street loading space.
   (C)   Dead-end alleys shall be avoided where possible but, if unavoidable, shall be provided with adequate turn-around facilities at the dead-end, as determined by the Plan Commission.
(Prior Code, § 9C-3C-1-(4))