§ 155.30  STREET PLAN.
   (A)   The arrangement, character, extent, width, grade and location of all streets shall conform to the Official Plan and shall be considered in their relation to existing and planned streets, to reasonable circulation of traffic within the subdivision and adjoining lands, to topographic condition to runoff of storm water, to public convenience and safety and in their appropriate relations to the proposed uses of the area to be served.
   (B)   A public street or streets shall be provided to afford convenient access to all property within the subdivision.
   (C)   The proposed street system shall extend existing adjoining streets unless the extension thereof would not be practical and is approved by the Plan Commission.
   (D)   Where, in the opinion of the Plan Commission, it is desirable to provide for street access to adjoining property, the proposed streets shall be extended by dedication to the boundary of the property. Proposed streets which are obviously in alignment of continuation of existing streets already named shall bear the name of the existing street. In no case shall the name for a proposed street duplicate or be confused with existing street names in the village or within one and one-half miles of the corporate limits thereof, irrespective of the use of the suffix street, avenue, road, boulevard, drive, place or court, or an abbreviation thereof. Street signs of the type adopted by the village shall be erected at each and every intersection.
(Prior Code, § 9C-3C-1-(1))