§ 155.04  FEES.
   (A)   Filing fees.
      (1)   A fee in the amount hereinafter provided for is hereby charged the applicant or applicants for each proposed subdivision for which approval is sought hereunder, to cover the costs incurred by the village in checking and considering the plans and plat as provided herein. The fee shall be paid in cash to the Village Clerk and the plans and plat for any proposed subdivision, preliminary or otherwise, shall not be considered without the receipt of the Village Clerk being first exhibited showing the payment of the fee payable hereunder for such consideration, and no fee so paid shall be refunded regardless of whether the proposed subdivision is approved or disapproved. The amount of the fee payable as aforesaid shall be determined in accordance with the following schedule.
      (2)   For a proposed subdivision containing the following, the fee shall be:
5 acres or less
Over 5 acres, but not exceeding 10
Over 10 acres, but not exceeding 20
Over 20 acres
   (B)   Review fees.
      (1)   Plans and specifications for all improvements in the proposed subdivision shall be submitted to the Village Engineer for review and approval before final disposition of the plat of subdivision. The costs incurred by the village for this review shall be borne by the owner or subdivider. This cost shall be computed on the following schedule:
Schedule A
First $ 50,000 of construction cost @ 1.5%
Next $ 50,000 of construction cost @ 1.25%
Next $ 50,000 of construction cost @ 1.00%
Next $100,000 of construction cost @ 0.80%
Next $100,000 of construction cost @ 0.70%
Next $150,000 of construction cost @ 0.60%
Next $150,000.00 of construction cost @ 0.50%
      (2)   This fee will be used upon the Engineer’s estimate of cost and is payable to the village prior to recording the plat of subdivision.
   (C)   Inspection fee. All public improvements proposed to be made under the provisions of this Plan, in accordance with the final record plat, shall be inspected during the course of construction by a duly designated representative of the village. Costs connected with the inspection shall be figured at the rate of 2% of the total estimated costs of construction. Estimated cost of construction shall be determined by the village. The costs shall be borne by the subdivider and shall be payable to the village.
(Prior Code, § 9C-3A-4)