(A)   Duty of owners to furnish service; abandonment of service.
      (1)   The applicant shall operate his or her licensed vehicle or vehicles during each day of the licensed year to the extent reasonably necessary to meet the public demand of the service.
      (2)   Upon complete abandonment of the service for the period of ten consecutive days by the owner or operator of the service, the Chief of Police, upon hearing, after five days’ notice to the owner or operator, shall thereupon recommend to the Village Board that the license of the owner or operator shall be revoked, covering all licensed vehicles of the owner or operator.
   (B)   Carrying additional passengers. No driver of a taxicab licensed under this chapter shall carry any person other than the first passenger first employing the taxicab without the consent of the first passenger.
   (C)   Cruising streets prohibited. It shall be unlawful for the driver of any taxicab to seek employment by repeatedly and persistently driving his or her taxicab about the streets of the village or otherwise interfering with the proper and orderly access to or egress from any theater, hall, hotel, public resort, railway station or other place of public gathering.
(Ord. 1594, passed 11-5-1998)  Penalty, see § 119.99