(A)   The City Manager or his or her designee may suspend or revoke any permit issued under this section, or require a mobile food vendor to relocate its mobile food unit, for any of the following reasons:
      (1)   To allow for construction, maintenance or repair of any street, curb, gutter, sidewalk, storm drain inlet or any other similar facility;
      (2)   Failure to comply with all terms of this subchapter, or other applicable local, state and federal regulations;
      (3)   Revocation of any required permit to conduct the mobile food service operations, including revocation by the Northern Kentucky Health Department or other issuing entity;
      (4)   Excessive noise;
      (5)   Improper disposal of solid waste, grease, oil or other materials from the mobile food unit;
      (6)   When the desired location of the mobile food unit is closed, or during special events;
      (7)   In the event this subchapter is amended or repealed as to render the mobile food vendor’s activities inconsistent with the city’s mobile food unit regulations; and
      (8)   To maintain the comfort, health, safety and welfare of the public.
   (B)   If the City Manager or his or her designee exercises the right to suspend or revoke a permit issued under this section, written notice shall be provided to the mobile food vendor at the address on file for the permit. The city’s delay or failure to issue a suspension or revocation of any permit shall not constitute a waiver of this section. No reimbursement for any portion of the permit fee shall be made in the event a mobile food unit permit is suspended or revoked, or if a mobile food unit is required to relocate temporarily or permanently.
(1984 Code, § 111.556) (Ord. O-02-20, passed 1-14-2020)