A mobile food unit must comply with the following standards at all times during operation.
   (A)   The mobile food vendor must dispose of all waste associated with the mobile food unit operation, and must make waste and recycling receptacles available to its customers. City receptacles may not be utilized. No liquid waste or grease may be poured into any tree pit, storm drain, gutter pan, sidewalk or any other public space, or in a manner inconsistent with the city’s solid waste disposal regulations or nuisance code. Grease cannot be released into the city’s sanitary sewer system. The mobile food vendor shall make available hand sanitizer to its customers.
   (B)   Permitted mobile food units may operate every day of the week from the hours of 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. The mobile food unit may not operate or park within the mobile food vending service boundaries before 5:30 a.m. and must cease operation and leave the permitted parking space by 10:30 p.m.
   (C)   Mobile food vending units shall not exceed 31 feet in length or eight feet, five inches in width. If parked within a public right-of-way, the mobile food unit shall comply with all applicable parking regulations, and shall not occupy more than one marked parking space.
   (D)   The mobile food vendor shall not utilize tables or chairs on public property, including city sidewalks or streets, in conjunction with the mobile food unit. All equipment shall be contained within or on the mobile food unit. This section shall not prevent an approved special event permit from specifically authorizing the use of tables, chairs and other free- standing equipment on public property.
   (E)   Mobile food vendors shall not utilize the city’s electrical outlets, unless specifically authorized by the city in writing.
   (F)   Every mobile food vendor to whom a permit is issued shall, at all times while engaged in that business, have the applicable permit in his or her possession, prominently displayed in the front windshield of the vehicle, for public viewing, and shall produce the same at the request of any city official or at the request of any individual to whom the mobile food vendor is exhibiting his or her food or attempting to sell the same.
   (G)   Mobile food vendors must comply with all other applicable ordinances, laws and regulations, including, but not limited to, applicable ordinances regulating license fees and taxes.
   (H)   During operation, mobile food vendors shall be required to keep the vending area adjacent to the mobile food unit free from ice, snow, oil or other material that may cause a slip and fall hazard.
(1984 Code, § 111.555) (Ord. O-02-20, passed 1-14-2020)