(A)   The mobile food unit may only be parked within the mobile food unit service boundaries or upon private property in an authorized zone.
   (B)   If located upon private property, the mobile food unit shall comply with all setback, sightline and other city zoning code regulations regarding the location of an accessory structure.
   (C)   In order to preserve sufficient public parking, and to prevent potential traffic congestion on city streets and sidewalks which may present a risk to public health and safety and the right to quiet enjoyment of property, at any one time no more than three mobile food units may be located on a single street within the mobile food unit service boundaries.
   (D)   Mobile food vendors must be actively engaged in vending operations at all times while occupying any public property.
   (E)   All mobile food units must be situated to allow at least five feet of unobstructed space for pedestrians on sidewalks, pedestrian paths, and other locations intended primarily for pedestrian travel. If any applicable law, including the Americans with Disability Act, shall require a greater distance, the greater distance shall apply.
   (F)   Mobile food units may not be parked in a location that prohibits or restricts access to a private property or public facility. A minimum five-foot spacing is required from any driveway, measured from the driveway apron.
   (G)   Mobile food vendors may not operate in any manner that blocks, obstructs or restricts the free passage of vehicles or pedestrians in the lawful use of the sidewalks or highways or ingress or egress to the abutting property.
   (H)   The mobile food unit must be located at least five feet from any utility box, utility vault, handicapped ramp or emergency call box. The mobile food unit must be located at least 15 feet from all fire hydrants.
   (I)   Mobile food units may not be parked upon a sidewalk, in grass, or on any other unpaved surface unless specifically authorized in an applicable city permit.
   (J)   Mobile food units shall not park on public rights-of-way during designated street sweeping times, or when a road is closed, or blocked, including for maintenance. Mobile food units and vendors shall comply with all ordinances, laws and regulations, including, but not limited to, those regarding traffic and parking.
(1984 Code, § 111.554) (Ord. O-02-20, passed 1-14-2020)