When considering a permit application, the City Manager or his or her designee shall consider the following criteria:
   (A)   Impact on local economy;
   (B)   Impact on public health and safety;
   (C)   Impact on transportation and traffic;
   (D)   Completeness of the application and accuracy of information;
   (E)   Compliance with the terms of this subchapter, and other city, county, state and federal laws, ordinances, rules and regulations;
   (F)   Outstanding delinquent accounts or liabilities, if any, to the city;
   (G)   The existing number of mobile food unit permits operating within the city rights-of-way; and
   (H)   If demand exceeds appropriate and available space.
(1984 Code, § 111.553) (Ord. O-02-20, passed 1-14-2020)