(A)   Permitting shall be on a per mobile food unit basis, with each different mobile food vendor requiring a separate license for each individual mobile food unit.
   (B)   There shall be a permit application fee of $500 per mobile food unit per year. The application fee shall be non-refundable. Ten percent of the fee shall be remitted by the city to the Covington Motor Vehicle Parking Authority to offset loss of on-street parking revenue. The permit fee for permits issued after July 1 shall be $250 per mobile food unit for the remainder of that calendar year.
   (C)   All applications for permits shall be submitted to the City Manager and shall be accompanied with all submittal requirements on the city’s application form, including the required certificate of insurance, state and county approvals, proof of Health Department approval, and permitting fee.
   (D)   Permits are valid for the calendar year the permit is issued, unless otherwise invalidated, revoked or terminated prior to the end of the term. Mobile food vendors must reapply (including payment of all applicable fees) each calendar year.
   (E)   The mobile food vendor must submit proof of a valid insurance policy through an insurance carrier authorized or eligible to do business in the commonwealth for any damage to the public right-of-way and for any damages for which the city might incur liability for property damage, personal injury or death arising out of the mobile food vendor’s operations. The minimum liability limit of the policy shall be $1,000,000. The city shall be listed as an additional insured as its interests may appear on all certificates of insurance.
   (F)   By submitting a permit application, the mobile food vendor agrees to abide by all terms and conditions of this subchapter, and agrees that it shall hold the city, its employees, agents and elected officials harmless and indemnify them for any loss, liability, damage and costs and expenses arising from its operations. The city is not liable for any business loss, property loss or other damage that may result from use of the permit, or suspension or revocation of the permit, relocation of the mobile food unit, or the discontinuance of the practice of permitting such activity, and no such mobile food vendor shall maintain any claim or action against the city and/or its officials, officers, employees or agents on account of any suspension, relocation, revocation or discontinuance. The indemnifications required herein shall include, but not be limited to, injury or death resulting from a slip and fall of the mobile food vendor’s employees or customers due to grease, debris, snow or ice in the queue areas of the mobile food vending unit.
(1984 Code, § 111.552) (Ord. O-02-20, passed 1-14-2020)