(A)   (1)   No person shall engage in the business or trade of itinerant vendor or telephone solicitor without having first obtained a license from the Finance Department pursuant to the city’s occupational license tax ordinance, and further posting a surety bond of $250 per employee or depositing cash with the Finance Department in the amount of $250 per employee.
      (2)   The bond or deposit shall be held to assure the annual filing of tax returns with the city.
   (B)   If the tax return is not filed, or if the occupational taxes are not paid, then the Finance Department is authorized to apply the amount of cash or deposit toward the estimated tax due or to proceed against the surety for the amount of estimated tax due.
   (C)   After all taxes have been paid, the Finance Department is authorized to refund all amounts held or to release the surety on the bond.
(1984 Code, § 111.141) (Ord. O-75-81, passed 9-22-1981; Ord. O-44-82, passed 7-20-1982) Penalty, see § 114.99