(a)   Mandatory Subscription.  In order to comply with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency regulations, all residents of the City shall subscribe to the trash and rubbish collection service of the City’s contractors.
   (b)   Exemptions.  Any subscriber may, commencing on December 31, 1987, annually refuse receipt of the collection service, provided he has made alternate provision for the adequate disposal of garbage and refuse.  (1993 Code 93.02(A), (B)
      (1)   On or before December 31 of each year, any subscriber desiring not to receive collection service from the City’s contractor for the following year shall file with the Director of Public Safety and Service, a sworn affidavit on a form to be provided by the Director.  This affidavit shall be notarized.
         (Ord. 51-93.  Passed 10-11-93.)
      (2)   Failure to annually file the aforementioned affidavit, or, after the filing of the affidavit, the failure to make alternate provisions for the adequate disposal of garbage and refuse, shall result in a charge for trash collection to be assessed against the resident, without regard to whether the service of the City’s contractor is used.
      (3)   The exemptions granted pursuant to this section shall remain in effect for the year for which the application is filed.  Application to renew exemption must be filed annually.
   (c)   Exception.  All commercial establishments in the City shall subscribe to any trash, garbage and rubbish collection service that is licensed by the County Board of Health.  Commercial establishments may enter into private contracts with the contractor for trash, garbage and rubbish collections, but shall not be subscribers under the terms of the contract between the City and the contractor.
(1993 Code 93.02(B)(2)(3), (C))