For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   (a)   “City” means the area within the corporate boundaries of the City of Coshocton.
   (b)   “Commercial establishment” means all premises and institutions, public or private, charitable or noncharitable, not occupied by a subscriber, on which garbage or refuse, or both, is created or accumulated.
   (c)   “Contractor” means the holder of a lawful contract to undertake the City’s authority for the collection and disposal of residential garbage and refuse.
   (d)   “Garbage” means any and all kitchen or other organic refuse, including, among other things, animal, fish, fowl, fruit, or other animal or vegetable matter, decaying or spoiled meats or vegetable matter, or any substance or thing whatsoever which may decompose or become offensive or dangerous to health, or that has so done or become; and shall include, among other things, every refuse accumulation of animal, fish, fowl, fruit, or animal or vegetable matter, liquid or otherwise, that attends the preparation, use, cooking, dealing in, or storing of milk or milk products, meat, fish, fowl, fruit, or animal or vegetable matter.  All putrescible waste, except sewage and body wastes, including vegetable and animal offal and carcasses of small dead animals, but excluding recognizable industrial by- products, and including all of the aforementioned substances created or accumulated in and on all public and private establishments and all residences.
   (e)   “Refuse” means nonputrescible non-liquid wastes, such as ashes, cinders, tin cans, glass, bottles, rags, wastepaper, wood and paper boxes, grass, tree and shrub trimmings, tree and shrub stumps, large household objects such as furniture and appliances, bricks, concrete, dirt, rocks, sand, gravel, and remodeling materials.  “Refuse” is limited only to what is generated by the subscriber and shall not include that from a home-operated business.
   (f)   “Resident.”  Same as “subscriber.”
   (g)   “Subscriber” means any person or family unit maintaining his or their separate living room and quarters in a house or building. “Resident” or “subscriber” shall have the same meaning.  “Subscriber” shall not include commercial establishments.
      (1993 Code 93.01)