(a)   All exterior surfaces of every structure within the City shall be maintained
so as to resist decay or deterioration from any naturally-occurring cause.  All exterior surfaces shall be covered with paint, finish or other surface coating so as to prevent such decay or deterioration.  An exterior wall segment, facing or other distinguishable surface area determined by the Director of Public Service to have more than twenty-five percent (25%) of its total area bare, peeling, flaking, pitted, corroded, or otherwise deteriorated shall be surface- coated.  If the surface to be coated is a portion of a larger structure, such surface coating shall be compatible in color, texture and design with the entire structure.
   (b)   All deteriorated or decayed exterior walls, doors, porches, floors, steps, railings, or parts or features thereof, shall be repaired, removed or replaced.
   (c)   All damaged or broken windows, and deteriorated or decayed sill, sash, molding, lintel, frame or trim thereof, shall be repaired or replaced.
(Ord. 0-64-05.  Passed 12-5-05.)