(a)   Title.  This chapter shall be known as the Exterior Property Maintenance
Code of the City of Cortland, Ohio.
   (b)   Scope.  This chapter is strictly limited to the establishment of standards
for maintenance of exterior surfaces and exterior functioning units of all residential, retail, commercial and industrial structures and buildings within the City, including yard areas, driveways and parking areas, immediately contiguous thereto.  No provisions of this chapter shall, in any way, directly or indirectly, be interpreted to interfere with, or to limit the right of any owner or resident to inhabit real property owned or leased by them in such manner and form as they may determine appropriate, consistent with other applicable provisions of law.  This chapter is directed to visual problems and deteriorated property values which may occasion incipient blighting conditions within the City.  All matters of the interior use, occupancy or habitation of any structure or building within the City are specifically excluded from the provisions of this Chapter.
(Ord. 0-64-05.  Passed 12-5-05.)