8-303. Inspection fee on retail sale of alcoholic beverages for off-premise consumption -- inspections -- documentation.
   (1)   In order to provide a means of ensuring compliance with this chapter and regulating the sale of alcohol for off-premise consumption, pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated, § 57-3-501, and as subsequently amended, there is hereby levied an inspection fee of five percent (5%) of the wholesale price of alcoholic beverages (in the same amounts levied by Tennessee Code Annotated, title 57, chapter 3, section 501, and as subsequently amended, for the City of Cookeville general fund to be paid monthly as provided herein this chapter) upon licensed retailers of alcoholic beverages located within the corporate limits of the City of Cookeville.
   (2)   A duly authorized representative of the city shall have the right to inspect the premises for which a certificate of compliance is requested or has been issued under this chapter and to audit the books, papers, and records of any dealer, wholesale or retail, for the purpose of determining whether the provisions of this chapter are being complied with, and any refusal to permit the examination of any such books, papers, and records or the investigation and examination of such premises shall constitute sufficient reason for the imposition of any penalty allowed by law.
   (3)   Every licensee of a retail liquor store shall retain all invoices of alcoholic beverages procured by it from any wholesale dealer for a period of not less than thirty-six (36) months
   This also applies to wine sales in retail food stores. This also applies to manufacturer, distiller, rectifier or vintner.
(as added by Ord. #011-01-01, Feb. 2011, as amended by Ord. #015-08-20, Aug. 2015, and Ord. #O18-05-11, May 2018)