1   State law reference
   For a leading case on a city's authority to regulate beer, see the Tennessee Supreme Court decision in Watkins v. Naifeh, 635 S.W.2d 104 (1982).
   8-401.   Definitions.
   8-402.   Authority to grant, revoke, etc., beer permits.
   8-403.   Permit and application fee required for selling beer.
   8-404.   Privilege tax.
   8-405.   Permits are not transferable.
   8-406.   Permit forfeited if permittee is convicted of certain offenses.
   8-407.   Applicant shall file written application containing certain specific requirements.
   8-408.   Permits authorized for certain businesses.
   8-409.   Permits issued to hotels and motels.
   8-410.   Permits issued to restaurants/limited service restaurants.
   8-411.   Permits issued to private clubs.
   8-412.   Permits issued for sale of beer within corporate limits not for consumption on the premises.
   8-413.   Sale to anyone under 21 years of age or to intoxicated persons unlawful.
   8-414.   Hours and days of sale, etc., regulated.
   8-415.   Permittee not to allow anyone under 21 years of age to loiter, possess, or consume alcoholic beverages inside the premises.
   8-416.   Unlawful for anyone under 21 years of age to misrepresent age.
   8-417.   Prohibited sexual or pornographic conduct/enforcement.
   8-418.   The ABCB is vested with the authority to conduct hearings on revocation or suspension of beer permits issued under this chapter.
   8-419.   Permits not required for certain retail and wholesale beer establishments.
   8-420.   Violations.
   8-421.   Provisions for unconstitutionality or illegality in this title.
   8-422.   Special events permits.