Any person owning real estate within the neighborhood of the real estate on which a proposed filling station will be located may file, at any time before the hearing of the petition, a written remonstrance against the petition. If a majority of the owners of real estate in the neighborhood sign the remonstrance, the petition shall be denied and no permit shall be granted. Any person may sign the remonstrance and any person who has signed the remonstrance may withdraw his name therefrom, prior to the time set for the hearing of said petition. If no remonstrance is filed, or if any remonstrance is signed by less than a majority of the owners of real estate in the neighborhood, and all other provisions of this chapter are satisfied, the Council shall grant the petition and direct the Clerk-Treasurer to issue a permit, upon payment of the fee provided in § 112.05.
(Ord. 1497, passed 3-16-59)