There is hereby created a Conneaut Television Advisory Board as follows:
   (a)   Appointment. There shall be established a Conneaut Television Advisory Board to consist of eight (8) members to be appointed as follows:
      (1)   City Council shall select one (1) member of their own body by a majority vote who shall serve as a member to the Board;
      (2)   Seven (7) residents of Ashtabula County who shall be appointed by City Council by a majority vote. These persons may be selected from, but not limited to, the education, church, civic and/or business communities of Ashtabula County.
      (3)   The position of Television Advisory Board Coordinator/Advisor is created for the purpose of advising and facilitating the technology necessary to provide service and programming for the City. The Television Advisory Board Coordinator shall be appointed and removed by the City Manager, with the approval of Council and shall work under the direct supervision of the City Manager. The Coordinator shall not be an employee but shall serve as a contractor, and shall not be required to be a City or County resident.
   (b)   Terms.
      (1)   The Councilmember designated by City Council to serve on the Board shall serve for a term running concurrently with his/her current term of office as a City Councilmember.
      (2)   The term of office of the seven (7) residents appointed by City Council shall be for the completion of their term and subsequent appointments shall be for a term of five (5) years.
      (3)   Removal. City Council shall reserve the right to remove any member for good cause or no cause.
      (4)   Compensation. There shall be no compensation of any kind for any member serving on the Board.
         (Ord. 63-20. Passed 9-14-20.)