(a)   The following fees for services for the Conneaut Police Department are hereby adopted, effective August 1, 2005, as follows:
      (1)   Incident Reports/Accident Reports: $.10 per page, plus postage if applicable.
      (2)   Photographs: 35mm negative - $.29 per negative
             Digital Print - $1.25 per photo
      (3)   Fingerprints: $15.00 - Nonresident; $10.00 - Resident
      (4)   HazMat: $25.00 per hour per car plus officers wages
      (5)   Records Check: $5.00 if no report
                $10.00 if report on file
      (6)   Notary Service: $3.00 per item.
      (7)   Dispatch Audio Tape: $5.00 per tape, plus postage if applicable.
      (8)   Video Tape: $5.00 per tape, plus postage if applicable.
      (9)   K-9 Search (Outside City Limits): $25.00 per hour, with a one hour minimum, plus $.405 per mile to and from the search area.
      (10)   Digital Mugshot Print: $1.25 per print.
   (b)   Said fees shall not be charged to any federal, state, county, municipal or other public agency when requested on behalf of said agency.
(Ord. 68-05. Passed 7-25-05.)