(a)   There is hereby created and established an Auxiliary Police Unit within the Police Department of the City of Conneaut which shall have members and be known as “Conneaut Reserve Police”.
   (b)   The Safety Director shall be the executive head of said Auxiliary Police Unit and shall make all appointments and removals of Auxiliary Police Officers in accordance with all rules and regulations applicable to members of the Conneaut Police Department and such other general regulations as may be prescribed by this Council from time to time. Said Safety Director shall prescribed rules and regulations for the organization, training, administration, control and conduct of said Auxiliary Police Unit.
   (c)   The Chief of Police shall have the exclusive control of the stationing and transfer of all members of said Auxiliary Police Unit.
   (d)   The members of the Auxiliary Police Unit shall serve without compensation and shall not be eligible for membership in a police relief and pension fund under Ohio R.C. Chapter 741.
   (e)   The members of the Auxiliary Police Unit shall not be in the classified service of the City.
(Ord. 2-77. Passed 1-10-77.)