(a)   Council determines that the Conneaut City Charter grants it the authority to enact legislation contravening Chapter 124 of the Ohio Revised Code governing Civil Service when it deems such variance to be in the best interests of the City, and it deems it in the best interests of the City that the position of Chief of Police should not be a Civil Service position.
   (b)   Council herein authorizes the City Manager to appoint a Chief of Police in accordance with the provisions of this section, and in accordance with Article IV, Section 8 of the Conneaut City Charter; such Chief shall not be classified in the Civil Service, shall serve a six- month probationary period, and shall have supervision and control of the Police Department subject to the City Manager.
   (c)   The City Manager may demote, suspend or remove the Chief of Police for misfeasance, nonfeasance, malfeasance, or other just cause. Such disciplinary action shall be preceded by an informal discussion of the basis for such action with the Police Chief and the City Manager, and shall not take effect until the Chief receives written notice of the action which states the basis for such action, the discipline to be taken, and the Chief’s right to appeal to the Conneaut Civil Service Commission. The Chief shall have the right to appeal in writing any such disciplinary action to the Conneaut Civil Service Commission within ten (10) days of receipt of such written notice taking such disciplinary action. Such appeal shall state the basis for the appeal. The Civil Service Commission shall hear and decide such appeals in accordance with Chapter 124 of the Ohio Revised Code and the Chief or the City shall have all rights of appeal as provided by law. If the Civil Service Commission, upon application and hearing, and consultation with the City Manager, determines that said person is qualified and fit to hold a lesser position, and that such a reduction in rank is appropriate and in the best interests of the City, such person shall return to that rank in said department from which he was appointed.
   (d)   The position of Chief of Police shall be open for all those within the Conneaut Police Department who have attained the rank of Deputy Chief of Police or Lieutenant within the Department. In the event that one or both of the supervisors eligible in these ranks do not apply for the Chief of Police position, the position of Chief of Police shall then be open to those with the rank of Sergeant.
   (e)   The selection process described below shall be made available to applicable supervisors in the Conneaut Police Department and they shall undergo the selection process described below.
   (f)   The City Manager is authorized to conduct oral interviews with eligible candidates. The eligible supervisors have previously undergone an evaluation through an “Assessment Center” as well as written testing and a psychological and psychiatric evaluation.
   (g)   Council authorizes the City Manager to hire a Police Chief from such eligible candidates who shall best serve the interests of the City of Conneaut, as reflected by his or her performance during oral interviews, and such other factors including, but not limited to, current duties and the correlation between those current duties and the duties of Chief of Police, conduct and effective performance in the candidate’s current position, qualifications possessed that are applicable to the position of Chief of Police, past employment, knowledge of local laws and concerns, and experience.
(Ord. 13-02. Passed 2-11-02.)