(a)   City Credit Card Authorization.
      (1)   City Council herein approves the following individuals or positions within the City who shall have authority to use the City credit cards. The current list of authorized users is as follows:
         A.   City Manager
         B.   Finance Director
         C.   Chief of Police
         D.   Fire Chief
         E.   Law Director
         F.   Wastewater Superintendent
         G.   Water Superintendent
         H.   Water Distribution Manager
         I.   Public Works Director
         J.   Planning and Zoning Manager
         K.   Clerk of Courts
         L.   Director of the Conneaut Board of Health
         M.   Clerk of Recreation Board
         N.   Cable TV facilitator
      (2)   Any person listed in subsection (a)(1) above may allow a person under their direct supervision to use a City credit card provided the card is returned to such authorized person upon the conclusion of its use, not to exceed five business days.
      (3)   No City related credit card shall be issued in the name of the authorized person, and such person's use shall not exceed a total of two thousand dollars ($2,000.00) per month on City credit cards. Emergency purchases exceeding this amount shall require joint prior authorization from the City Manager and Finance Director.
      (4)   The credit cards may be utilized both in person as well as the purchase of goods over the internet, by telephone or by fax. These purchases shall be evidenced by an order of confirmation along with either the original packing slip that accompanied the purchased goods or an itemized receipt. When using the internet, the user shall insure the website where the credit card information is being placed is secure, and that all account numbers are encrypted while being passed electronically.
   (b)   City Credit Card Use by Employees. The following guidelines are established to assure the proper use of the City credit cards.
      (1)   A credit card held by the City shall be used only to pay the following City-related expenses:
         A.   Food expenses, transportation expenses, gasoline/oil expenses (City vehicles), motor vehicle repair/maintenance expenses (City vehicles), telephone expenses, lodging expenses, internet service provider expenses, Court filing fees and recording fees, departmental equipment and supplies, registration/enrollment fees for seminars, webinars and continuing education classes, license and membership renewal fees and other goods and services incurred on behalf of the City. (All per diem amounts and restrictions within the travel policy are still applicable.)
      (2)   No person shall use credit cards for personal purchases, including gratuities and excess daily meal allowance, gasoline for any personal vehicle, cash advances, alcoholic beverages or any other expense not related to the operations of the City of Conneaut or within their scope of employment
      (3)   All existing purchasing policies apply to purchases made on a credit card.
      (4)   No fees or interest charged by a card company because of late payments due to untimely submission of record will be paid from City funds, unless authorized by the City Council. Unauthorized payment of fees will be the responsibility of the employee who utilized the card, who will be personally responsible for those fees if they appear on the billing for their department.
      (5)   The Finance Director is responsible to make sure that any charges incurred by employees are authorized City expenditures and that adequate funds are available within the City approved budget.
      (6)   The debit incurred as a result of the use of a credit/debit card shall be paid from monies appropriated to the specific appropriation line items of the City of Conneaut, Ohio.
   (c)   Procedure.
      (1)   The Finance Director and/or the City Manager shall issue a City credit card to a City employee as authorized by this section and such employee shall execute a written statement acknowledging receipt of a copy of this ordinance and agreeing to comply with its provisions.
      (2)   For all credit card transactions, the employee or official using a City card shall submit to the Finance Director within five (5) days of use the following documentation:, including but not limited to: .the credit card slip (customer copy), a receipt or invoice from the vendor that documents the goods or services purchased, the cost of the goods or services, the date of the purchase and such other information as the Finance Director may request. Each receipt will also indicate the official City business for which the expense was incurred.
      (3)   The Finance Director may revoke any credit card use by an employee found violating any term or provision of this section or otherwise misusing the credit card. For any such violation, the City Manager may seek reimbursement of misused funds and/or disciplinary action up to and including termination. The Finance Director and City Manager shall provide Council written notice of such credit card misuse, and any actions taken thereon, within thirty days of the misuse.
      (4)   The Finance Director, or his designee, is responsible for the physical custody of the card, and for maintaining confidentiality of all information relating to the card such as the account number and expiration date. No
person shall loan a City card to anyone not authorized by this section.
      (5)   Employees are responsible for informing vendors of the sales tax exemption for City purchases. If requested by a vendor, a State of Ohio sales tax exemption certificate is available from the Finance Director's office.
      (6)   Each month, the Finance Director shall provide the City Council with a credit card transaction detail. The Council President shall review such credit card detail and sign an attestation that the Council has reviewed the credit card detail.
      (7)   In the event that a credit card is lost or stolen, the individual holding the card shall notify the Finance Director immediately.
      (8)   Cardholders who terminate their employment or whose job duties change and no longer include purchasing must surrender their credit card immediately.
   (d)   The use of a credit/debit card for any use other than those permitted may be a criminal violation. (Ord. 03-19. Passed 3-11-19.)