(a)   If, upon inspection of the dwelling unit, it is determined that the same is in compliance with the Permit Inspection Checklist, attached as exhibit A, the City shall issue a Residential Rental Permit on site to the owner and/or his/her agent for the dwelling.
   (b)   If, upon inspection, it is determined that the dwelling unit is in substantial compliance with this Chapter, the City may, at its discretion, issue a qualified time-limited Residential Rental Permit to the owner and/or his/her agent, subject to the correction of minor violations within a specified period of time.
   (c)   The owner, agent, lessor, or operator of any dwelling unit or premises shall have the right to appeal the denial of an occupancy permit to the Planning Commission or in the manner prescribed by law. (Ord. 51-18. Passed 9-10-18.)