WHEREAS, the City of Conneaut has a historical and ongoing problem and concern with the quality, safety, and habitability of the rental housing stock in the City; and
   WHEREAS, the State of Ohio requires Landlords, in Ohio R.C 5321.04, to comply with certain conditions and requirements that materially affect health and safety; and
   WHEREAS, the City desires to provide for requirements to Landlords of rental property in the City to assure compliance with legitimate health and safety concerns of the City; and
   WHEREAS, the City finds that a system of permitting and inspecting rental properties is necessary and beneficial to achieving these goals;
   THEREFORE, the City finds the adoption of Chapter 1375 of the City of Conneaut's Ordinance is necessary and beneficial to meeting their purposes, need and goals.
(Ord. 51-18. Passed 9-10-18.)