Deferred construction of required spaces allows for designating a portion of land on a site that would accommodate a portion of the required parking spaces to be held and preserved as landscaped open space, rather than constructed as parking. The Planning and Zoning Manager may permit deferred construction of up to 30% of the required parking spaces, subject to the following:
      (a)    Evidence is provided by the applicant that supports the reduced parking needs.
     (b)    Any area of the site identified as deferred construction of parking spaces must be an area suitable for parking at a future time.
      (c)    Landscaping of the deferred construction area must be in full compliance with this Code and, at a minimum, landscaped with turf or live groundcover.
      (d)    The deferred construction area cannot be used for any other use and must be part of the same parcel and all under the same ownership.
      (e)    As part of the plan review process, the applicant must show the area of deferred construction on the site plan and marked as "Deferred Construction of Required Parking."
      (f)    The Planning and Zoning Manager, on the basis of observed increased parking demand for the use, may require the conversion of all or part of the deferred construction area to off-street parking spaces.
      (g)    Subject to further conditions as the Planning Commission may deem appropriate to protect public safety or preserve property values of adjacent lots.
      (h)    Deferred construction cannot exceed a reduction of a total of 50% after the reduction factors allowed in Section 1134.07.
      (Ord. 14-18. Passed 11-26-18.)