The following requirements shall apply to all uses in all districts:
   (a)   Parking facilities shall not cause any obstruction of, nor in any manner interfere with the free use of an alley, street, or adjoining property.
   (b)   When an off-street parking area is bounded by a street or property line, a bumper rail or wheel stop shall be provided along the entire street or property line boundary, except such portions as are used for entrances and exits.
   (c)   All lighting used to illuminate such parking areas shall be so arranged as to direct the light away from adjoining premises or street, and no open light sources, such as the stringing of light bulbs shall be permitted.
   (d)   Spaces for more than ten (10) vehicles shall be effectively screened on each side of any residential district by a masonry wall, well maintained fence, compact hedge, or strip of land. Such strip of land shall be at least four (4) feet wide and densely planted with shrubs. Any wall, fence, or planting shall not be less than two and one-half (2 ½) feet in height nor more than four (4) feet in height in any residential district.
   (e)   No vehicular entrance to or exit from any commercial or industrial use permitted within two hundred (200) feet from any school, public playground, church, hospital, library, or similar institution, except where such property is in another block or on another street which the premises in question do not abut.
   (f)   Entrances and exits shall be located to minimize traffic congestion and avoid undue interference with pedestrian access at street intersection corners. There shall not be more than two (2) access ways abutting any given street. Entrances and exits for duplexes, multi-family dwelling units and non-residential buildings shall have a maximum width of 30 feet at the street curb cut line. Residential use may have access ways of not less than ten (10) feet.
   (g)   In any business district or industrial district, off-street parking areas may occupy all, or any part of any required yard space, except the required front yard.
      (Ord. 14-18. Passed 11-26-18.)