1134.01 PURPOSE.
   (a)   The provisions of this chapter are intended to ensure that adequate off-street parking is provided to meet the parking needs of uses located in the City of Conneaut. Off-street vehicular and bicycle parking, loading, stacking spaces and access drives shall be provided in accordance with these standards in order to relieve traffic congestion on streets; promote viable commercial and industrial areas; and protect residential neighborhoods; encourage the use of environmentally sustainable design elements; and protect the public health, safety and general welfare.
   (b)   The provisions set forth in this chapter also allow for a reduction in parking requirements when warranted, such as when development is easily accessible by alternate modes of transportation, including walking, biking and public transportation; when the surrounding density and development patterns foster pedestrian access; and when parking spaces can be reasonably shared by adjacent uses.
(Ord. 14-18. Passed 11-26-18.)