Demolition of any building or structure shall be governed by the following procedures:
   (a)   Prior to work, the applicant shall ensure that the area where the demolition is to occur has been properly barricaded to prevent access by animals or humans
   (b)   Demolition debris, including basement walls, basement flooring, appliances and other material remaining after the demolition shall be removed within 5 days after work has begun and any area excavated shall be filled with clean fill to grade level.
   (c)   That said applicant agrees to restore, replace, or repair existing sidewalks that may be damaged during the demolition of any building or structure
   (d)   The lot shall be finished graded, grass seed planted and mulched, and any remaining debris removed so the lot can be maintained properly.
   (e)   Temporary construction fencing shall be installed until item (f) is complied with.
   (f)   If the site contains a septic and well system, the well shall be sealed and septic tank shall be removed from the premises in accordance with the Conneaut Health Department Rules and Regulations or agency having jurisdiction.
      (Ord. 01-17. Passed 2-13-17.)