(a)   Property owners wishing to apply for the sidewalk reimbursement program shall submit a written application to the City Manager's Office. Application shall be distributed and accepted by the City Manager's office and shall contain a written estimate from a reputable contractor.
   (b)   The City Manager's office shall prioritize the applications for the sidewalk reimbursement program using the following criteria:
      (1)   The length of the sidewalk to be replaced.
      (2)   The length of time the applicant has owned the property where the sidewalk is located
      (3)   The degree of risk to the public using the sidewalk including, but not limited to, significant differences in the elevation of adjacent panels, cracks, holes and other defects likely to cause injury or harm.
      (4)   The ability of the landowner to pay for the sidewalk replacement without City assistance.
      (5)   Applications for residential properties shall have priority over commercial properties.
   (c)   For the budget for each new year, Council shall appropriate into a designated account funding for the sidewalk reimbursement program. No funds shall be disbursed by the City for the sidewalk reimbursement program except from such designated fund.
   (d)   In addition, successful applicants shall arrange for a pre-inspection and post-inspection by the Planning, Housing and Zoning Office of the area in which sidewalks are to be repaired or replaced prior to any individual or entity beginning demolition or construction. Said inspections are for the purpose of insuring the repair or replacement of said sidewalks are accomplished in accordance with all relevant Conneaut ordinances, regulations and rules. Any and all sidewalks repair or replacements effectuated at said sidewalk's intersection with any City alley/street shall comply with all Ohio Department of Transportation requirements for handicap ramps at intersections with alleys/streets.
   (e)   Once construction is completed, a paid invoice must be presented to the Planning and Community Development Department. Upon post-inspection and approval of work performed, the project will be submitted to the Finance Department for reimbursement.
(Ord. 78-21. Passed 9-20-21.)