(a)   The City may condemn, and require the landowner to repair, any sidewalk on or adjacent to their property which contains any of the following:
      (1)   Sidewalk panels raised, or lowered, more than 1 inch from an adjacent panel.
      (2)   Sidewalk panels with cracks more than a half inch wide
      (3)   Sidewalk panels with holes more than 1 inch in diameter and greater than a half inch in depth.
   (b)   The City shall provide a 30-day written notice to the landowner condemning the sidewalk, describing the defects in the sidewalk, recommending the repair needed in the time frame to complete.
   (c)   No person shall fail to complete a repair or replacement of a sidewalk within 90 days after having received notice, not including the time from November 1 to May 1.
(Ord. 99-16. Passed 11-14-16.)