(a)   A permit shall be required to maintain, store or handle liquids, gasses, solids, materials, or articles which produce conditions hazardous to life or property or to install equipment used in connection with such activities wherever specified in the adopted Fire Prevention Code.
   (b)   The permit shall expire on December 31 of the year of issuance and is renewable annually for one calendar year upon payment of a renewal fee as established by City Council.
   (c)   An application for a plan review shall be submitted to the Fire Inspection Bureau along with a total of 3 sets of plans consisting of 2 complete sets of plans in print and 1 complete set of plans in a usable digital format.
   (d)   An application for the Board of Appeals shall be submitted along with the application fee as established by City Council.
(Ord. 06-13. Passed 1-14-13.)