(a)   No person shall serve as Fire Safety Inspector unless he has received a certificate issued by the Ohio Superintendent of Public Instruction under Ohio R.C. 3303.07 evidencing his satisfactory completion of a fire safety inspection training program.
   (b)   Unless entry is refused by an owner or his agent, upon presentation of proper credentials, the Fire Safety Inspector, may, at all reasonable times, enter any multiple family dwelling (excluding single family residential units of three or more that are owner occupied and exit directly to the outside), commercial structure, or any other building or property in the City to perform any duty imposed upon him by the Codified Ordinances. When a property owner denies the Fire Safety Inspector entry onto his property for the purpose of making an inspection, the Fire Inspector may apply for and obtain a search warrant in order to gain access to such property. Nothing contained in this section shall limit the right of immediate entry by the Fire Safety Inspector onto any property in the City of Conneaut when the Fire Inspector determines that an emergency exists.
   (c)   The Fire Safety Inspector, upon examination or inspection may issue citations when the Fire Safety Inspector finds conditions as specified in Ohio Revised Code Section 3737.41 which are especially dangerous to safety of persons, buildings, premises, or property and shall make any necessary remedial orders in connection therewith. Citations enforcement procedures may be by use of the procedure established by the Ohio Revised Code Chapter 3737 or the provisions of this Chapter 1501 of the Codified Ordinances. In addition, the City may apply to a court of having jurisdiction under Section 3737.44 of the Ohio Revised Code or any other applicable provision of the Ohio Revised Code or of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Conneaut, for injunctive relief, restraining orders or other equitable relief, in order to protect and preserve life and property within the city.
   (d)   The Fire Inspector, upon reasonable belief and after inspection or investigation, shall with reasonable promptness issue a citation to the responsible person for a violation of the Ohio Fire Code or any order issued by the Ohio Fire Marshall or any Fire Safety Inspector. The citation shall fix a reasonable time for abatement of the violation. Nothing herein contained shall prohibit the Fire Safety Inspector from ordering immediate abatement of a condition which is deemed to be an imminent danger to persons and/or property.
   (e)   The adopted Ohio Fire Code shall be enforced by the Fire Inspection Bureau of this City under the supervision of the Fire Chief or his designee. The Fire Chief may detail members of the Fire Department to act as Fire Safety Inspectors as may be necessary to enforce the provision of this Code.
   (f)   A Fire Safety Inspector shall have the power to order any building or structure closed or immediately vacated which is found to be in violation of the Ohio Fire Code and which such Fire Safety Inspector determines to present an imminent danger to the safety of persons or
property. (Ord. 06-13. Passed 1-14-13.)