(a)    The City Manager or his designee shall also issue an order to abate the public health nuisance, which shall comply with the rules and regulations and order the owner of the property to do the following:
      (1)    Cause the immediate vacation by all occupants of those portions of the property, including building or structure interiors, which may place the occupants or visitors at risk.
      (2)    Contract with appropriate environmental testing and cleaning firms to conduct an on-site assessment, complete clean-up and remediation testing and follow-up testing, and determine that the property risks are sufficiently reduced to allow safe human occupancy of the dwelling. The City shall promulgate criteria for the assessment and remediation process.
      (3)    Provide the City Manager or his designee with written documentation of the clean-up process, including a signed, written statement from the environmental testing and cleaning firm that the property is safe for human occupancy and that the clean-up was conducted. The owner shall complete the remediation and post-remediation assessment within ninety days from the date of the Declaration of Public Nuisance.
   (b)    The property owner shall be responsible for all costs of clean-up of the site, including any contractor's fees.
(Ord. 78-13. Passed 7-22-13.)