Law enforcement authorities that identify conditions associated with a clandestine drug lab site or chemical dumpsite that present a risk of human exposure to harmful contaminants and other associated conditions shall promptly notify the appropriate municipal, child protection, and public health authorities of the site location, property owner if known, and conditions found. Where the City Manager or the Police Chief determine that an immediate threat of human exposure or injury exists, the City may conduct emergency dismantling and disposal of drug processing apparatus and/or chemicals. To the extent permitted by law, the individual or entity responsible, and/or the owner of the property where the site is found, shall be liable to the City for its costs incurred in conducting the emergency dismantling and disposal. Such costs may be recovered pursuant to subsection 1367.07(d) of this Section, without regard to whether a nuisance is declared or an abatement order is issued.
(Ord. 78-13. Passed 7-22-13.)