All petitions addressed to the Conneaut City Council praying for the vacation of street or alley areas shall be filed by the owner(s) of the abutting property with the Clerk of the Council. Petitions shall contain the printed name, street address and telephone number of each of the petitioners, along with the permanent parcel number for the property owned by them that is abutting the street or alley area. The petition shall also disclose the reason for the proposed vacation, and shall contain facts indicating that the vacation will not be detrimental to the general interest. The petition shall further set forth the exact description of the street or alley area desired to be vacated, and shall contain a waiver of notice and a consent to the vacation. The petition and the procedure shall in all manners comply with the Ohio Revised Code Section 723.04 and any other statutory provision. (Ord. 22-13. Passed 3-25-13.)