(a)   All parties making application for water service herein agree to comply with all rules and regulations now in force or which may hereafter be adopted for the protection of the Water Department.
   (b)   Applicants for water services shall make the following security deposits with the Water Department before water service is provided:
      (1)   All owners or purchasers making application for water service at a residence shall not be required to pay a deposit for water service but shall sign a Service Connection Contract.
      (2)   Renters, tenants or other non-property owners making application for water service shall pay a deposit as specified in the Fee Schedule for water service. Upon account termination, any outstanding balance in excess of the deposit will be the responsibility of the property owner and service to the property will not be restored until paid in full.
      (3)   Commercial or industrial structures shall pay deposits as specified in the Fee Schedule for water service.
   (c)   Notwithstanding the above provisions, the City Manager and/or the Conneaut City Council reserve the right to set security deposit amounts for potentially large users of water, and to increase the deposit amounts as listed in subsections (b)(2) and (b)(3) as it may be deemed necessary to protect the Water Department from loss.
   (d)   New applicants will be required to furnish the following information when applying for water service:
      (1)   Name, address and phone number.
      (2)   Social Security Number (optional).
      (3)   Driver’s License or other proper photo identification.
      (4)   Name of employer.
      (5)   Proof of ownership of property, if applicable.
      (6)   Number of persons residing at the same address.
      (7)   The type of building which shall use such water service.
   (e)   Any deposits collected pursuant to these rules will be applied to the customer’s account upon the termination of service. However, no transfer of deposits from one structure to another will be permitted. Each account with the Water Department must be settled when discontinued, and a new deposit must be made for each new account or application.
(Ord. 24-05. Passed 2-14-05.)