(a)   Each house or building assigned an address number shall display such number upon the wall facing the street, or on such other conspicuous location in front of each house or building. In no event shall the number be located further than sixty (60) feet from the front street right of way.
   (b)   In addition to paragraph (a) above, all address numbers assigned to multi-tenant residential, commercial and industrial buildings with main entrances located at the side or rear of a building and which are not visible from the street frontage, the address numbers assigned to all such buildings, units and main entrances shall be clearly displayed on or near each such main entrance.
   (c)   Each address number mounted on the front, side or rear wall of a building shall be located at a distance of not less than four (4) feet, nor more than ten (10) feet above the ground level immediately adjacent to said wall. Address numbers displayed in locations other than on a wall of the building shall be placed in a manner visible from the front street where they will not be hidden by parked vehicles or other obstructions.
   (d)   All numbers installed after the effective date of this section shall be at least three (3) inches in height and one-half inch (½") stroke.
(Ord. 188-92. Passed 11-9-92.)