Criteria for evaluating applications for certificate of appropriateness shall be as follows:
      (a)    In considering the appropriateness of any changes, including signs and tree removal, the Review Board shall take into account the historical and architectural value and significance, architectural style and general design, arrangement, texture, material and color of the proposed change and the relation thereof to the same or related factors in other properties, objects and areas in the immediate vicinity.
      (b)    Attention shall be taken to avoid the environmentally harmful effect often created by the clash of undisguised contemporary materials with those of older origin, such a aluminum or other metals, plastic, fiberglass and glass improperly used with brick, stone, masonry and wood.
      (c)    The Review Board shall favor the use of authentic and traditional earth colors and trim colors as opposed to colors of contemporary design.
      (Ord. 12-17. Passed 3-13-17.)