(a)    When the owner of a property within a Preservation District or owner of a Listed Property desires to make any change other than ordinary maintenance when no color changes are involved, including the construction, reconstruction, alteration or demolition of any property, structure, tree, sign, area or object within a Preservation District or for any Listed Property, such owner or his agent shall first secure a certificate of appropriateness from the Design Review Board, unless such property is exempted in accord with the exclusions permitted in Section 1357.17. Such exemption shall be determined by the Building-Zoning Inspector.
   (b)   Applications for certificates of appropriateness shall be filed with the Building- Zoning Inspector who shall, prior to the issuance of any permits, refer the application to the Review Board for approval or denial.
      (c)   If a proposed change is in accordance with the guidelines and criteria for the Design Review Board including the designation criteria provided in Section 1357.07, then the Review Board shall issue a certificate of appropriateness.
(Ord. 12-17. Passed 3-13-17.)