The Review Board shall have the following duties:
      (a)    The Review Board shall review and act upon all applications for certificates of appropriateness as required.
      (b)    The Review Board shall conduct or cause to be conducted or assist the conduction of a continuing survey of all areas, places, buildings, structures, homes, work of art or other objects of environmental and aesthetic interest in the City which the Board on the basis of information available or presented to it, has reason to believe are or will be eligible for designation as a listed property or preservation district. No property may be listed and no preservation district shall be established except upon the approval of Council after review and recommendation by the City Planning Commission.
      (c)    The Review Board shall work for the continuing education of the residents of the City with respect to the architectural and historic heritage of the City and the Listed Properties and Preservation Districts designated under the provisions of this chapter, and shall make every effort to improve the overall design and the environmental awareness of the people. The Review Board shall keep current a register of all Listed Properties and Preservation Districts. All Listed Properties shall be given a number and a description accompanied by a photograph. The reasons for listing a property or for recommending the establishment of additional Preservation Districts shall be set forth in writing. This register shall be made available to Council, the City Planning Commission the Board of Zoning Appeals, the Department of Engineering, the Building-Zoning Inspector, and the public.
      (d)    The Review Board shall establish criteria, rules and regulations not otherwise included in this chapter for evaluating applications for certificates of appropriateness submitted to it and the manner in which they shall be processed. These criteria shall include specific considerations to be given to building materials, landscaping, signs, lighting and architectural style for properties within a Preservation District and properties adjacent to a Preservation District as described in this chapter. Such criteria, rules and regulations shall not be adopted by the Review Board until after review and recommendations by the City Planning Commission and approval by Council.
   (e)    The Review Board may recommend to the Planning Commission and Council, legislation that would best serve to beautify, preserve, restore and develop the City. Towards these ends, the Review Board shall work with the appropriate City officials, employees and departments and joint meetings with such officials, employees and departments may be held for this purpose.
      (f)    The Review Board may make recommendations to the Planning Commission and Council for additions or revisions to this chapter.
      (g)    The Review Board may employ on a permanent or part time basis technical experts and such other employees as may be required to perform its duties, within the appropriations made available therefor.
      (h)    The Review Board may, within its capabilities, perform such other design review related tasks as may be required by these Preservation and Design Review Regulations and as may be requested or authorized by the City Planning Commission or Council.
      (Ord. 12-17. Passed 3-13-17.)