The Design Review Board shall be as follows:
      (a)    The Design Review Board, hereinafter referred to as the Review Board, shall consist of seven members. One member shall be the chairman of the City Planning Commission and one member shall be a member of Council and be designated by Council. Five members shall be appointed by the City Manager and may be chosen from nominations made by a joint nominating committee comprised of members appointed by the City Manager.
      (b)    All members shall be citizens and residents of Conneaut Ohio.
      (c)    Of the membership an effort should be made to nominate and appoint at least one registered architect.
      (d)    Each appointed member shall serve a term of two years and may be reappointed for terms of two years, except that of the initial appointments, three members shall be appointed for a one year term and may be reappointed for terms of two years.
      (e)    The members shall serve without compensation from the City and may be removed for just cause by the City Manager.
   (f)   Until such time as the City can adequately staff and maintain a City Design Review Board, the City Planning Commission shall assume the responsibilities of the Design Review Board and shall adhere to the standards and criteria designated in Chapter 1357 of the Codified Code.
      (Ord. 12-17. Passed 3-13-17.)