The following definitions shall apply only to the provisions of the preservation and design review regulations of the City Zoning Code:
      (a)    "Alter" or "alteration" means any material change in the external architectural features of any property which lies within a preservation district or has been listed under the provisions of this chapter as a listed property, not including demolition, removal or construction, but including the landscaping of real property.
      (b)    "Applicant" means any owner, owners, person, persons, association, partnership or corporation who applies for a certificate of appropriateness in order to undertake any change on property subject to this chapter.
      (c)    "Change" means any alteration, demolition, removal or construction involving any property subject to the provisions of this chapter including signs.
      (d)    "Property" means any place, building, structure, work of art, fixture or similar object, but shall not include real property unless expressly provided.
      (e)    "Landscaping" means or includes only such major landscaping work that is to be on open tracts of land, parking lots, street, alleys and other large open areas, but not including the planting or arrangements of flowers and plants incidental to the enhancement of single properties.
      (f)    "Listed Property" means any property which has special character, historical, aesthetic or architectural value as part of the heritage, development or cultural characteristics of the City, State of the United States and which has been designated as a Listed Property pursuant to the provisions of this chapter.
      (g)    "Preservation District" means any area so designated on the zoning map in accordance with the provisions of the Zoning Code and this chapter.
      (h)    "Member" means any member of the Review Board.
      (i)    "Owner" means the owner or owners of record.
      (j)    "Review Board" means the Design Review Board established under the provisions of this chapter.
      (Ord. 12-17. Passed 3-13-17.)