Outline of Procedures
   The procedures outlined in this Section are intended only as a guide and do not modify the detailed procedures set forth in Chapter 1159 and other parts of these Regulations:
   1.    Land Planning and Subdivision regulations are prepared by the Planning Commission and recommended to the Council, and after holding a public hearing the regulations are adopted by Council.
   2.    Thereafter, subdivisions are reviewed and approved by the Planning Commission in accordance with the adopted regulations and any amendments thereto.
   3.    The developer, before subdividing, obtains information on or a copy of the regulations, and other applicable codes in affect.
   4.   For a minor subdivision, the developer prepares a sketch plan and submits it to the Commission. After review, the Commission may give final approval and the subdivision may be recorded and the lots created may be sold.
   5.    For a major subdivision, the developer prepares a Preliminary Plan in accordance with the Planning Principles, Chapter 1163, submits it to the Commission and applies for approval. After review, the Commission may approve, conditionally approve, or disapprove the Preliminary Plan.
   6.    The developer, having received approval of a Preliminary Plan of a major subdivision, prepares drawings and specifications for the improvements in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 1167, and a Final Plat of the subdivision in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 1171. He may either,
      a.    Apply for approval of drawings and specifications of improvements, and after approval construct said improvements and then apply for approval of Final Plat for recording, or,
      b.    Apply for approval of plans and specifications of improvements and of Final Plat concurrently and furnish performance guarantees for the subsequent construction of the improvements.
   7.    The Commission may approve the drawings and specifications for improvements; however, it may approve the Final Plat only after the improvements are installed or performance guarantees furnished.
   8.    After approval, the Final Plat of this subdivision may be recorded by the developer, and he may sell the lots.
   9.    The developer shall offer for dedication the streets or other public areas, and the Council may accept same.
   10.    The acceptance of streets and utilities for use and maintenance shall be by separate action of the Council.