1163.06 PUBLIC USES.
   (a)   Utility Easements. Where utilities are not located in the street, easements at least sixteen (16) feet total width shall be located on the center of rear lot lines and on side lot lines where necessary.
   (b)   Drainage Ways. Where a subdivision is traversed by a drainage way, channel, or stream, a storm water easement or drainage right-of-way conforming substantially with the lines of such water course shall be provided. The easement shall be twenty (20) feet wide (exclusive of required lot area) or of such further width as adequate for the purpose. Parallel rear lot lines may be required along such way.
   (c)   Sites for a Park, Playground, School, or Other Public Use as shown on a park and recreation plan or comprehensive plan adopted by the Commission, and located in whole or in part in a proposed subdivision, shall be required to be incorporated in the subdivision plan and reserved for such purposes. Drainage courses, ponds, lakes or isolated parcels shall not be accepted unless they become a component and conform with a plan for public lands.
   (d)   Large-Scale Multi-Family Developments and other unusual large-scale developments may require the reservation or dedication of additional areas or sites of a character, extent, and location suitable for needs for extra community facilities created by such developments.