1163.05 LOT DESIGN.
   (a)   Building Sites. Each lot shall be designed to form a good site for the type of building to be developed, and the lot lines shall not be considered as merely forming a geometric shape which encloses the minimum area permitted. The lots shall be more or less rectangular in form; triangular, elongated or other shapes that restrict its use as a building site shall be avoided.
   (b)   The Area and Width of Each Lot in a one-family subdivision shall be not less than required by the zoning code, and shall be appropriate for the neighborhood and type of development proposed. Where unusual topographic or dimensional conditions are encountered, or if the planning is unusually skillful and if permitted by the zoning code, the Commission may approve a reduction of the size of not more than 10 percent of the lots in a subdivision.
   The width of lot shall be not less than required at the front yard building line. On curved streets the arc of the front lot line or a rear lot line shall be not less than 60 percent of the required width at building line.
   (c)   The Mean Depth of Lots abutting a local street in a one-family subdivision shall not exceed two and one half (2 1/2) times its width. This ratio shall be increased to 3 1/2:1 when the rear line of such lot abuts a railroad, freeway or other incompatible non-residential land use; and the area of the lot shall be increased accordingly.
   (d)   Lots on Major Streets. In a one-family subdivision lots abutting major streets shall exceed the aforesaid depth ratio (2 1/2:1) for local streets, in order to increase the safety and privacy thereon; however, the depth shall not exceed five (5) times the width, provided further, that for lots of five (5) acres or less the mean depth shall not exceed five hundred (500) feet. Lots of such roadside subdivisions shall be planned to achieve uniform rear lot lines.
   The City may prepare a local street plan of partially subdivided areas and reserve opening at intervals along the major roads for future local streets to serve the interior areas.
   (e)   Corner Lots, One-Family Subdivision shall have an extra width to obtain the required side yards and building setback from, and appropriate orientation to, both streets and as may be required by the zoning code. Lots abutting a pedestrian way shall have extra width.
   (f)   Side Lot Lines shall be designed to be at right angles to straight street lines or radial to curved street lines. Where a street terminates on another to from a "T" intersection, the side lot lines shall be planned so that a dwelling site will not be directly on the projected line of the street which terminates.